iPhone SE 2020

What should the graphics be if I have a iPhone se 2020

Hello, Maxford! Please check this topic to see all of the settings for your device, hope this helps!

Hey @Maxford,

I’ve been using the SE 2020 for almost 2 years now, and it has proven to be a great device for IF. If you have it plugged into a charger and are able to keep it that way for the entire flight (which is what I do), the device can run on all max settings. If you can’t keep it plugged in the whole time, I’d recommend dropping the anti-aliasing, frame rate, and enabling low power mode. The SE 2020 is certainly powerful given its size, and it’s able to run max settings at 60fps if you’d want to.

Note: Running all maximum settings may reduce the battery’s health significantly.

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