iPhone screenshot vs iPad screenshot. Which one’s better?

Flying out of Mexico City
Server: Expert
Route: MMMX - SKBO

Shot on iPhone XS Max

Shot on iPad

I think iPad’s looks better and more suited for Instagram in my opinion. The iPhone’s is just too wide

But let me know your thoughts!


I think that the iPad looked better because the picture was wider and also, there was a bigger moon with a bigger focus on the plane.


I’d say iPad looks better. I’ll add in a poll so you can see what the people think about your pictures :)

Which is better
  • iPhone
  • iPad

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Couldn’t Agree more!

How to add a poll?

So I am a social media manager for ANVA I take photos on my phone more as it’s near me more and it looks better and it’s easier to fit on Instagram but it’s nice to do it on the iPad sometimes.

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But on here it looks like it fits perfectly so iPad is a good idea to use for here but they are both good and produce 4K quality

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I can see that sometimes you’re trying to get more scenery stuffed in a photo and during that time phone might be helpful but other than those times I see that iPad might be better

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This one for example

To insert a poll, click on the settings icon when creating or replying to a post.

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