Iphone Screen Streamers

Hi, i’m trying to stream infinite flight at the moment, i used omlet arcade and although it is quite good, it crashes so much and i bought vidih and it says that google can’t verify the app and it’s the same for du recorder, anyone know of any more apps?


You’re trying to stream on YouTube, correct?

Also, are you using an iPhone or Android? Your title says iPhone, but you mention Google in the post.

I’m fairly sure that @Etrain livestreams Infinite Flight. Send them a DM.

To be honest it’s really hard from a phone as there’s so much going on that phone can’t handle. Tablet/ipads can handle this, people stream from those devices and have very good quality.

Omelet arcade works well if I stream Infinite Flight on my iPad Air, but it always crashes on my iPhone 11.

I used to stream PUBG to Twitch using Omlet Arcade on a S8 without any problens. However my friend doing the same thing on an iPhone X never got the app to work. I think it has something to do with streaming from Apple devices.

Omelet Arcade is your best shot.

That’s a nono. According to them, they have a $200 setup for IF

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