iPhone screen shuts off in the middle of a long haul flight!

Hi all! Recently I’ve been working hard to get to grade 4, to do this I fly a long haul flight every night, usually in or out of lax. Last night, I tried to fly from Moscow to Lax. I started it at 11:00 pm (cst) and was flying fine, I went to bed and woke up when I found my screen, BLACK. I switched on my phone and rushed back to infinite flight, and it was still running, which normally it closes after about 10 min of inactivity, so I thought it recently closed. Keep in mind, it was about 6 am. Later I fully woke up at about 8 and checked my IF map to see where I was. To my shock, I was still flying over the English Channel, which means it paused 4 hours into my flight. Please help!! I have an IPhone XR, plugged in, and have all of my settings on low, low power mode wasn’t enabled, and auto lock was not enabled. I’ve done plenty of long haul flights before and this has never happened, please help!!

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Silly question, but do you have any siblings or parents who would turn your phone off? One of my sisters have done that before lol. Also, when you say Auto-Lock wasn’t enabled, it says Never, right?

Also, from looking at past issues like this, try turning Auto-Lock to 5 minutes, then set it to Never once again. This should reset the Auto-Lock setting for you. Please let me know if this works!

You may had an update which happened to me in the middle of a flight. Turn of auto update so you get to decide when you update your device.

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That’s also probable, but I feel like IF would’ve completely shut off if there was an update.

One time my iPad had an update, it took 30 seconds and I logged back into IF and it was fine. I only lost 30 seconds.

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Interesting. Very interesting…

No, my phone didn’t shut down, just the screen shut off but if was still running my flight when I turned it back on

No and yes it says never

Try setting Auto-Lock to 5 minutes and then click Never. This should reset the Auto-Lock setting.

Does anyone also know why live-streams on if don’t work

What do you mean by this? Why you can’t start one? Also, on what live streaming platform?

Streamlabs, live works, in fact doing one right now on my Yt: JAircR4ft but, it will pop a message up, I posted an image below! You just need to keep resuming the live, about every 30 min image|803x600

Since I don’t use Streamlabs and it’s not an in-game issue, I’m afraid I can’t help with this. Maybe do some research online on how to fix that problem or contact Streamlabs support if needed. I’m sorry.

Ehh, that’s fine, any idea on the black screen thing?

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Yes. Like I said above, try clicking “5 minutes” on the Auto-Lock setting. Then, close settings, re-open Auto-Lock, and click “Never.” This should reset the Auto-Lock setting and hopefully you won’t deal with this anymore.

It is not only your, and not only Iphon Problem…
I had the same problem some times ago on Xiomi Mi 9 lite.
I tryied to delete the app, and dowload it again, but it but it doesn’t help…
And the problem disappeared only after full reset of my phone to factory settings…
And I think, that it the only way to solve the problem…

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