Iphone on current iOS is not getting the latest update

Hello I would wonder what’s happening that my iPhone is on iOS 10.3.3 and AppStore is telling me that to download the latest update in need to have iOS 10.3.3 or posterior , my iPhone is an iPhone 5 without jailbreak and already payed 1 month of live

Please help!
Thank you!

Hola! Su teléfono no es compatible con Global. El iPhone 5 no tiene OpenGL 3.0 o 1GB de RAM. Perdone, pero su teléfono no puede disgregar el nuevo Version de Infinite Flight

Hello! Your iPhone is not compatible with Global. The iPhone 5 does not have OpenGL 3.0 or 1GB of RAM. Sorry, but your phone can’t download the new version of Infinite Flight


Well that’s all I needed thanks!


Tengo un idea, puedes comprar un teléfono barato en eBay o en Amazon.
Compres un iPhone SE que es compatible con Global por barato ($320)