iPhone heats up

My phone heats up when Infinite Flight is running. It get quite hot that I need to put an ice pack on my phone.

iPhone SE
Hotfix version of IF
iOS 11.2

Hi there,

If you have your display on full brightness and you are charging the device you can expect this.

-Dim your screen when possible
-Hide the minimap when you can
-Make sure the back of your device has plenty of room for air circulation. Heat will move away from your device if it’s not laying on a couch or clothing.


Try lowering the settings, you might be overworking the device…

Also, don’t use an ice pack to cool your phone ;)

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This still happens when the brightness is on the lowest and not charging

Do you have Limit frame rate on or off?

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It is set to on
Had it off a few days back but didn’t heat my phone.

See above. I put some tips in there for you ;)

Heat needs to dissipate and air is your friend along with the other tips!

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It should be ticked. Having limit frame rate turned off will without doubt heat it up.

And if this is a recent problem, and haven’t occured previously with this version of Infinite Flight the issue is probably the device, Not Infinite Flight.

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Oh sorry. Limit frame rate is on (30fps)

It starts heating up when IF opens.

Not sure if this will help but, it starts heating from the top right side (when phone is portrait)

I’ll also add that some devices seem to heat up while others don’t. My iPad Air 2 stays completely cool while charging, max brightness, highest settings, and unlimited frame rate. Meanwhile my friend using the same configuration on the new iPad says his device gets extremely hot.


Yeah I understand. This just started happening yesterday. I’ve done lots of long hauls and my phone stayed cool the whole time while charging.

Heat is a byproduct of various things here, battery charging and audio/video processing. This is expected. Your battery may be reaching the end of its shelf life then.


Then it’s probably nothing with Infinite Flight, as I doubt you received an update yesterday? ;)

Haha. Would there be anything I could do with my device? Reset something or…?

Try clearing the RAM, just in case it’s being pushed too hard

Hold sleep/wake button until “slide to power off” screen appears
Hold home button until the “slide to power off” screen disappears again.

If you’ve had the device for longer than a year, your battery may also be the issue. Apple devices aren’t exactly known for their long lasting batteries ;)

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Just did that, my phone did heat up a little but not as much as before :)

Liquid Nitrogen is around $2 a gallon, could last quite a bit.

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Seriously just let the phone cool down whilst completely off and fully charged (not charging.) Then just do your flight and have limit frame rate and whilst cruising, audio off, brightness low and all graphics to minimum

Top right side? That seems like your camera or the flash or the battery is screwed up. Does this appear on other power-hungry games as well?

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