iPhone getting hot.

I fly a lot but since the update with all the liveries my phone gets really hot! I have anough ram free I restarted my phone I dont have background apps I reinstalld infinite flight. But nothing What i tried didnt work! What can I do to fix this problem!

•Phone iPhone 7
•IOS latest

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Try to keep your phone plugged in while flying

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If I charge it gets hotter.

Weird, I have a iPhone 7 and have no heat problems…

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What are your graphic settings? Maybe I have it to high🤷🏼‍♂️

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Actually sometimes on mobile devices it is better that it gets a bit warm… they are designed to dissipate the heat through the shell since there is no fan… so it may feel hotter than it is…

I have all my settings on the highest possible…lol

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It gets real hot believe me!

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Try lowering your brightness and turning down your volume while cruising.

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Ive experienced this issue when I was in Albuquerque last year. If the climate is hot around you, your phone will tend to be hot.

I fixed it by periodically putting my phone in the freezer for like a minute or two and then it’s usually good for a couple of hours

Tried that to even flying in the night!

Really I live in the Netherlands and Its not to hot outside🤷🏼‍♂️

I recommend experimenting with the graphics settings (especially anti-aliasing) and turning off low power mode if enabled; the iPhone 7 should be more that capable of handling this game, especially with the A10 processor. If none of that works, then turn down brightness levels and keep the phone unplugged as it can put stress on the battery.

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Do you have the heat high?

  1. Lower brightness
  2. Use low power mode
  3. Volume off
  4. I actually recommend turning down every setting when you aren’t using it

I don’t recommend putting your phone in the freezer but try to find a place that can absorb heat(somewhere dark) from your device to make it better

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No Its colder in my room then outside.

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Okay give me a second! I wil trie.

There’s a bunch of topics covering this.
But, my iPhone 7+ gets quite hot too.

First of all, there’s nothing wrong. The back itself is designed to work as a heat sink.

There are basically four things you can do to avoid heating;

  1. Avoid charging while you’re using IF.
  2. Lower the screen brightness as much as possible.
  3. Make sure to have “Limit frame rate” ticked in the graphic settings for IF.
  4. If you have an extra back cover or smth, remove it. It stops the heat from escaping throughout the back of your device.

There’s really not much you can do otherwise. It happens when you use other performance demanding applications as well.


Okay Thanks it workt Thanks all for the support! This can be closed


As long as you don’t get the “iPhone overheated” screen, no need to worry.