iPhone get hot

Hey guys i got a quick question i know that infinite flight can get a phone on the hot side and mine just catches on fire and when that happens even at the gate while im making my flight plan everything starts lagging do you guys got any tips to help me if you do that would be greatly appreciated.


You could reduce your graphic setting perhaps? Otherwise what I normally do before a flight is close all of my apps. Then when in flight, I will turn the screen brightness all the way down and switch to “night” (not sure if the night mode does anything but the screen is darker). I also try starting with a full battery. It’s funny sometimes also because I do those things and sometimes my phone is hot and other times it’s cool. So, I can’t explain that part. I also use a 20 watt charger. Might have something to do with it as well. I feel like with that 5 watt charger during a flight, it’s working overtime. Put it in the refrigerator or freezer for 10 mins. During the winter when I’m flying a long haul I’ll leave my phone in the garage where it’s nice and cold. 😂 Hope this helps! Have a great day!

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thanks for the tips you have a great day to

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For me a good way of keeping the device in moderate condition is to restart the app before I go for a longer flight. Lowering the brightness and switching to night mode is also a good idea as it needs less battery.

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I have my settins ’ Airplane Count ’ on low and that prevents it from heating… I also have a cooling fan.

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This can also depend on the aircraft that you are using. For example, if using a B767, my phone usually did not get as hot as using a newer plane like the A330’s.

As a tech connoisseur and self proclaimed expert, I cannot recommend your phone catching fire.

Out of curiosity, what iPhone is it, and do you have a case on the phone?

Hey my first concern is that your phone catches fire it shouldn’t be catching fire when your doing anything on it. I would go to the place you purchased this and get the device looked at right away!

i have a iphone 8 plus and i use a UAG case

I’m finding that hard to believe. If you’re phone is catching fire because of infinite flight I recommend sending the phone back as their may be a fault in the phone because that’s not normal at all.

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thats a metaphor lmao


First lower all the graphics and stuff. But after that if you go on a long flight, I tend to put my phone somewhere where the back isn’t lying on a surface. This could be like on top of two books and the phone Is suspended over them. Take the case off too if you have one. This allows for the back and battery to cool as air can flow through. Also don’t put the phone in a place that can get hot (like a window).

This strategy does help

Hope this helps.


That is an absolute chonker of a case. I would strongly recommend removing this when flying.

Having a case on the phone will reduce the amount of heat that can effectively escape, in turn making your phone hotter 😳

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For long flights you have a power saver option if I’m not wrong. By unabling it your flight will lower the fps while you’re inactive or away from device thus utilising less battery which makes the device heat less.

I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 7 Plus that I play on. My iPhone 7 Plus gets really hot but that’s because it’s needs a battery replacement. I got the phone in 2016 so yep, the batteries don’t last long. It’ll eventually need a battery change. My iPhone 11 needs a battery change as well. I would recommend getting your battery changed, playing on 30fps, dimming the brightness when you’re in cruise, try cruising in night time, etc. maybe place the phone during cruise with a fan on it.


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