iPhone Calibration Settings/Advice

Hey Everyone,

Flying on my iPhoneX presents its challenges, especially during landing. Has anyone found some calibration/sensitivity/dead zone settings that have helped their flying?

Much thanks!


i have the same problems as you

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I’d recommend re-calibrating before landing. The phone will be in a different position, and weight and balance are different. You could also get a Joystick and use Liveflight Connect


In settings-controls; I have moved all three null sliders to the right.
Roll- 1/32 in.
Pitch- 1/8 in.
Yaw- 1/8 in.
I have moved the Yaw sensibility slider to the left about 1/8 in.
Using iPhone 7.
NOTE- the yaw setting will have to be reset each time the IF app is started.
Please advise if this also helps on your device.

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I’ll give it a shot, GBIRD! Cheers.


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