iPhone Battery

I would like to know if we take long and short flights, does the battery health of iPhones tend to drop?

At such high temperatures the battery health begins to decrease over time when playing the game that’s why it’s important to keep your phone cool when doing long hauls

I was always more scared of screen burn on long flights than battery life. Older phones sure it can affect but shouldn’t be a problem if you have a fairly new device.

It certainly hurts over time but if you take precautions it’s not as bad as you think.

My battery does not drain like crazy with the iPhone 15 when playing this game

I play on my iPhone and I do quite a lot of long hauls overnight. My tips:

  • adjust time of the day to midnight when in cruise
  • lower the screen brightness to minimum
  • enable low power mode (both in game and in your phone settings)
  • for long hauls, turn on the airplane mode and only keep the WiFi connected
  • use the cockpit view and zoom in on the captain’s seat, therefore the screen is pitch black and the device doesn’t need to render details
  • while in cruise, I turn the airplane count to none

While doing this, my battery life went from 98% to 97% over a month and a half of playing almost every day (I also use my phone a lot for other things). During the long hauls, my phone is cool and doesn’t overheat at all when I use this “setup”. Hope it helps!