iPhone as a Joystick for iPad

Sometimes its realy difficult to fly with an ipad so what about if you can see the plane and all that things on your ipad but connect your phone and stear with the phone because that would be easier

Is something like that possible?


I dont know if its possible but i think is a great idea

So far not possible…

Like if the phone would act like a joystick

It wouldn’t be beneficial to me, but would be an interesting feature to have. The only issue is that there is no current way to do that. Unless someone designed a third party app that could be downloaded to the iPhone that would somehow transmit your control inputs to the iPad (running IF), then it’s not currently practical.


Not sure you’d want to introduce more latency between your controls and airplane. I like the idea though.

At the moment support for that is not available but it would seem cool to have in the future 👍😜

Like, so the iphone is the yoke(powered with motion controls) and the ipad screen the veiw out side? I think that would simply be awesome but I would think there would be some latency issues however.

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Well the joystick is always on time perfectly 😜

You can get Apple TV.

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