iPhone app crashing on new 9.2.1

Hey guys,

I’m experiencing a heap of crashes while in ATC mode since the new iPhone 9.2.1 update. Anyone else having this issue?

Device settings and app version?

What device?

Me! Downloaded the update yesterday and right after IF crashed twice on me while controlling.

I’m on apple iPhone 6. And iPad both crashing. Usually while in ATC mode.

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Then I’m not gonna update my iPad till this issue gets fixed …

May I ask which update?

iOS 9.2.1 is what he stated

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I thought another update had been released.

Nah that’s the newest one for IOS

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Done two flights on advanced server with ipad mini and crashed both times, once on roll out after landing and once short final, happened after IOS update to latest version released a few days ago. IOS 9.2.1 (13D15) installed in IPad Mini.

9.2.2 was released yesterday if I’m not mistaken.

Nah it’s 9.2.1

I also have it. Its very annoying.

Lets try some ideas:
Solve iOS 9 Crashing Apps Issue for Iphone/Ipad?
(Sorry, dont know to much about Android, but this thread refers to Ios,aye?)

  1. Soft Reset
    A soft reset is the first thing that everyone does to their iPhone when an app crashes every time they open it. The soft reset kills the apps and release the memory, thus giving you a fresh start.
    Follow these steps to perform a soft reset on your iOS device :
    Hold down the power button and the home button simultaneously
    Do nothing even if any option comes up on the screen.
    The screen goes blank and the iPhone shuts off. Do not release the buttons yet. The device will reboot and the Apple logo will show up.
    Done! Now try opening the app again and see if it still crashes. Most of the times, it does work.

  2. Reinstall the App from PC | Mac
    If the first solution does not work for you, then you need to delete that app and install it again. But this time, you need to install it through iTunes, then transfer it to your device through syncing. Use the below given steps.
    Delete the crashing app from the device.
    Download the app in your iTunes.
    Connect the device to your PC | Mac.
    Sync the device so that the app gets installed successfully.
    Disconnect your device after syncing is completed.
    Restart the device and run the app.

  3. Clear Memory
    Sometimes people open up a lot of apps with internet and music and everything running at one time. This causes a lot of memory to be in use. Thus, when you open another app, it just won’t start due to not-enough-memory and hence will crash .
    To solve this :

Swiftly press the home button twice (double press) which opens up the multi-task switching bar. Close all the unnecessarily running apps by swiping up every app. Then try opening the crashing app again.

The issue can be due to less storage, so try to clear up a few songs which you never usually listen to. Also get rid of all the videos that you don’t see anymore, and do the same thing with images. Free as much space as you can so that no app crashes due to low storage issue.

Last way out:
If the problems still persist even after trying so many solutions, you just have one way out. You will need to restore your device and start afresh. But wait! You don’t necessarily have to do this, as many a times, it is the app that is the issue and not your iPhone. So not using the app or downloading a more stable version of it can help in such cases.

If this all not work, there is anice little bug in ios 9.2.1 or infinite flight needs an adjustment update for the latest version.

Hoping that helps for some of you…


Thanks Jack,

Try all of the above with no success. It seems to be a bug with iOS. It is especially bad when in ATC mode.

Well, did you lso try a complete new installation of ios? If somebody could test this, would be awesome, but dont restore device from backup, start as new device, than test the app…if sucsess restore via backup…
But in my opinion Infinite Flight needs an Adjustment Update, god knows what Apple changed around in this update…

Further to other posts - I have found the app crashes every time when in ATC MODE when you clear a plane for approach on ILS.

Yea it does, check here:

app crash when clearing for ils at non ils approach

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iOS 9.3 will be released next month.
I know the beta fixes an IF unrelated issue with my iPad Pro.
Hopefully it helps you guys out as well.