iPhone 8 plus lags every flight

Hello, I’ve been noticing lately that my phone has been lagging a lot even when im on the ground and i have my airplane count set to medium. I’m slightly concerned by this as before it could run IF without much to any lag. i have tried resetting my device resetting IF and it still lags after a minute


Is there 15+ replays in your device as of right now? This could be the problem… If so, either delete the replays that you don’t want or export the replay file to your files. If it still lags, try to set the airplane count to low. And finally, if both of them don’t work, try to set the graphics all to low. I know that playing with low graphics is a pain but it may help with the lag.

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thank you i do have a lot of replays on my phone mostly of long hauls will export them to my laptop

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Although its still a powerful phone it probably isn’t powerful enough for infinite flight anymore.

You could also be experiencing Low Power Mode. If the setting is on, it usually activates if you haven’t touched the screen for more than 1 minute regardless of actual battery level. When LPM activates, it can cause your screen to appear laggy and glitchy. A simple tap on the screen temporarily disables LPM but it will come back on shortly after if the screen isn’t touched. Easy fix for it is to turn off LPM and have your device plugged in while flying.

Very untrue from someone who uses an iPhone 6s. Just may need to lower the settings.


I should have added for full settings

alright can you tell me how to do it as im only know the if one and my phones LPM

@Qatari777YT It’s in settings, under general I believe. About 12 things down on the menu. It says low power mode. Just uncheck the box and save. It will stay off until you turn it back on.

You can access it in flight or from the menu.

alright i checked its already off

Have you tried clearing your scenery cache? Excessive data in the scenery cache can cause performance issues.

Have you tried completely removing infinite flight from your phone, hard resetting your phone, then reinstalling the app? Sometime little bugs just need to be cleared out by removing the app and reinstalling.

i have just removed and redownloaded IF I’m going to do a flight and see if it works

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well it still lags and only stays normal when the rendering resolution is on low

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Well, with the typical remedies not working, I would say that you may just have to run the sim with the lower settings. I know that takes away from the enjoyment just a tad but I would much rather play with some lower graphics than not play at all. Another option is to upgrade your device, but I know that’s not always feasible. If anyone else has some ideas, please chime in.

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