iPhone 8+ issue

Hoping someone can help out with this. I upgraded to an iPhone 8 Plus prior to the release of global so that I could take advantage of the new graphics. First, buttons are extremely small and hard to control. They’re also displaced and split to both sides of the screen. Second, I’m unable to pull up the air craft when on final causing me to crash or hard land. I’m only able to control my sink rate with the throttle. Seems like a possible gyroscope issue? Does anyone have a fix to this or can at least tell me if these issues will be fixed for the new update?

Much appreciated - thank you!

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Hello & thank you for your post!

The size issue is known, and the developers have been notified:

However, the issue you’re experiencing with the gyro is a bit alarming. Is it only on final or does it behave like that all the time when trying to pitch up?

Best regards, Sebastian.


We already know, as i stated above…


Can you confirm that you calibrate your device before final and set appropriate trim? Those are both factors that could be affecting your landings.

Seems to be only when I pitch up. Take off was fine however. I calibrated a few times thinking maybe it was that, but still unresponsive. Maybe it’s an issue with the device. I’ll go ahead and keep an eye on it. You guys can close this if you want since it’s already know. I’ll reach out if anything. Thanks for your help.

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Please get back to us if you encounter any more issues.