IPhone 8 in 2021?

Hey all just wondering how is the iPhone 8 holding up on IF. I might be getting it soon. (I won’t use it to much for IF because I already have a IPad8) Thx for any responses!!

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The device compatibility thread could help you find your desired device!

As for the iPhone 8 here is some mentions about it.

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Yup ik thanks! Just wondering to see if I can see some responses on how it’s running. As you can see it says iOS 14. 15 might of had an affect. Hoping not!

I highly doubt that is a recent review.

I recommend playing on low/medium settings and if it runs it smoothly then recommend increasing them.

iPhone 8 is a relatively old device and may lag, especially at busy airports.


Hello, @City_Flyer!

That’s a great question!

The iPhone 8 is a four-year-old device and features the Apple A11 Bionic, a 2.39 GHz hexa-core 64-bit chipset. As a result, this device is less than ideal for high-performance games in 2021 (i.e., Infinite Flight). Using maximum graphics runs the risk of causing significant lag, heat, and even crashes.

That said, if you have an iPad 8, and that is your primary device for Infinite Flight, a few flights here and there on the iPhone won’t cause too much harm and the overall performance will be relatively smooth.

I hope this helps shed some light on the device. Congrats on your new (future) purchase!

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Thank you. I’m coming from a old iPhone and won’t be using the 8 a lot for IF (if not at all) just wondering to see how well it runs.

It’s a great device, then! You will have no problem perforating daily tasks. 😁

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I actually use a iPhone 8 and it works fine on Medium graphics. On high graphics it is ok except when at a very busy 3D airport.

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I’m actually on one right now. Handles fine enough.

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