iPhone 7 software crash

I’ve tried all the advice given to me to stop the app from crashing, but it doesn’t seem to work. Hardware is up to date (iOS 11.2.6). It was working earlier today. I use IF Assistant usually and even though I’ve tried not having it on in the background it still seems to not work. Basically the sim will load up, I’ll select the starting location, select my aircraft, check my callsign and wait for it to load. After about 5 seconds of loading the game crashes. Any ideas on how to fix the issue?

Do you have free memory on your device? Can you also confirm your app is updated to the latest version?

the OS automatically kills apps that use too much RAM and iphone 7 i think only has 1gb and thats not enough so when IF all of a sudden uses all of it the os kills it

Yes, I actually have about 60 free GB. App is up to date.

Ok I don’t think that is it then 😅

The best other suggestion I could offer would be to delete and reinstall, you might have some corrupted files causing the issue.


Ok, I’ll try that then.

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Have you tried the basics like reinstalling the app and restarting your device?

Just finished re-installing, restarted the phone multiple times.

Great, make sure to let us know if it worked. Sometimes the easiest solutions are the right ones.

i accident hit caps lock instead of shift im sorry

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That worked, thank you!


Thanks @Reedgreat!