iPhone 7 is usable for IF

My iPhone 7 Plus is performing good in long flights so can I use it for overnight flights ?

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The iPhone 7 is a nearly 8-year-old device, so I would hardly imagine it would perform well, if at all, if used for long haul flights. I would advise taking a look at the Device Compability Thread to look for devices that suit your needs and budget. It covers an extremely wide variety of devices and new device reviews are regularly added to the thread.


It would probably do fine, as long as you have all the settings on low, and keep it plugged in. Make sure you have a fan or something cold blowing on it as it will overheat. It probably would be somewhat slow and maybe even glitchy. Do I recommend this, no, but if you need to, it should be ok.


I used to the iPhone 7 and it actually did perform pretty well it the beginning but drastically drained phone’s battery. Gradually started to perform different.

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I wouldn’t recommend in today’s version