iPhone 7+ Infinite Flight performance

I installed iOS 11.2 before the whole thing about Apple slowing down the 7 and 7 plus with the 11.2 update. So I wanted to ask if anyone with an iPhone 7 has noticed any performance difference in their gameplay. Thanks!

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I have the iPhone 6s and I have noticed IF is sometimes jumpy after long periods of use.


I’m using a 7+ 128GB. No performance degradation what so ever with iOS 11.2.

But, the “feature” is dependent on battery quality in your device. So it might have affected some, and some not.


Ok. I just got a brand new 7+ 128 gb a month ago so I assume it should be fine based on what you said, thanks so much!

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That’s related to the battery degradment issues they are facing and even so you won’t have any issues until a few years.

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Same here. Using a 128GB 7+ and I think it has actually gotten a little faster since iOS 11.

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That’s good to know. Thanks!

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