iPhone 7 IF App crashes nearly every time now?

As of the last few days, my IF app is crashing nearly every time I fly.

Not sure if this is random or what, but I have lots of storage for data and have been only using the IF app by itself (no other background tasks or apps running, except perhaps iOS tasks of course.

Also, this has happened both at my workplace (corporate WiFi network, public WiFi network) as well as at home.

I believe that it may be happening when a drop out in WiFi signal (even if brief) occurs. My wife happened to be online at home during the same moment where my IF app crashed, she mentioned “well, there goes the internet connection”. If this is the case, how long of a grace period can this app tolerate if and when a WiFi signal drops out? Or am I barking up the wrong tree here?

Thanks in advance.

Try deleting other apps you don’t use, and try reinstalling Infinite Flight.

Do you use limit frame rate?

I will give that a try. Couldn’t hurt, I imagine.

I did for the first several months. However, about a month ago or so, I turned it off. Perhaps this is a possibility for root cause? idk

I have had this issue most recently on my iPad Pro , perfectly working WiFi and settings high mainly more after this update. I have zero apps other than infinite and infinite assistant. This iPad is only dedicated for infinite flight. I did notice there is a new iOS update today though . Don’t know if that will help any but I’m gonna give it a shot .

Try to turn you settings (graphics) down… what are your current settings?

Jack. Understood. I am only using iPhone, but was actually thinking of purchasing an iPad just for the sole purpose of sparing my iPhone from becoming dominated by IF, despite my passion for it.

I would say of course it’s best to get a good iPad instead of your phone . Right now after the new update there are some issues . You may have a connection issue it sounds like in your situation though . I have been getting some freeze issues after this update and this iPad is a powerful iPad so I’m pretty stumped myself but yes I still would recommend an iPad . The newer the better.

Make sure it’s on, it helps massively especially with an older device.

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I play on a 7 without issue

Jack, agreed. Considering IF is very demanding on resources (rightfully), it would make sense to not cut corners. I’m actually about to purchase one this coming weekend. So hopefully that makes the experience more enjoyable. Despite temporary connection issues.


I recommend you get one of two devices.

  1. iPad 6th Generation: A great iPad if you are on a budget, it runs pretty well although it outperforms the edge to edge display iPad Pro.
    32GB Price: $329 USD

  2. iPad Pro (11in)/(12.9in)
    This iPad will run Infnite Flight like a BEAST. With it’s amazing edge to edge Liquid Retina display, it will give the you the ultimate IF Experience. Note this device is just like a computer: running faster than 93% of all Portable PC’s. Wouldn’t recommend this if you just used this device for flying because of the hefty price tag
    64GB Price 11in: $749 USD
    64GB Price 12.9in: 949 USD

Good to know, as I’m shopping for one today.
As a side note: my iPhone 6s is still crashing. So I give up on IF on iPhone.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Or just upgrade to the Xr like I did. It also runs IF great

I have an iPhone 7 and my IF runs on high graphics but I have a lot of storage and memory so deleting pictures and apps maybe will help

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