iPhone 7 for Infinite Flight


Iphone 7+ and 8+ are pretty much the same thing. The only reason I upgraded to the 8+ was because the charger clips inside the phone broke. No fault of the phone, I just always knocked my phone off the nightstand while it was charging. Either one worked great at full settings


I’m not interested in getting iPads or any types of tablets. I need a mobile phone. But thanks for the suggestion!


I have both the pixel 2 xl and pixel 3. Runs great.


Go for either the S9 or the OnePlus 6(T). Both have top notch specs and the performance is great. What Chatta said about throttling was true, but the newer Samsung devices maintain their performance for a pretty long time. My S8 still runs pretty well. :)

The S9 has the better screen and would probably be the better choice if you are looking for an all-in-one phone. The OnePlus 6(T)'s software is better optimised for gaming and the dash charging that comes with it is pretty good as well.

You will get a very good performance on both of these phones. It’s up to you. :)


I would get an an iphone with a bigger screen if you can (I know how expensive they can be). In my opinion having a bigger screen helps a lot when flying or controlling and as someone who just upgraded from the 7 to the xs max I know first hand lol.


If you do switch to an iPhone remember you will need to repurchase the app itself from the app store. Your subscription and stats will remain intact as long as you log into the sim with the same credentials (facebook/google)


I would agree with @max7777 if you do chooose an IOS device spend a little more money and go for an 8, or an XR. If you can afford an XS go for that. Or if your not in the market for a phone, you could get an iPad, the pro is quite expensive but it will last for many years. And the regular iPad is just shy of 500$ I have an iPad Air 2 (it’s around the equivalent to the main iPad, a tad nicer) but they both will run IF amazingly.


Hold up guys… The iPhone 7 is an amazing device and currently fairly cheap and runs like a god… no need to say get an 8 because there’s isn’t much difference and a lot more expensive…


This is all true, but if you need a phone I think its safer to stay as up-to-date as possible. Especially when you’re dealing with Apple lol


I use my old iPhone 7 for infinite flight since I got my new iPhone Xs
I’d say iPhone 7 works perfectly fine for Infinite flight! It doesn’t lag for me and doesn’t overheat specially when in low power mode! I recommend it :)


Actually, I had an 6s until a few weeks ago when i got a 10r. 6s runs IF just fine, no lag that i noticed. You can run everything on high mode, aslong as you restart it after a flight or 2.


I use an iPhone 6, and can run on maxed out settings for hours on end. I think you’ll be fine, but I do suggest you to get a newer one.


I have an s9+ bigger screen just looks a whole lot better also runs nice and smooth!

With that said I also use IF on my spare iphone 6s and runs good on high settings!

You could honestly buy a refurbished iPhone 6s for pretty cheap about $120-$230 USD - restore the software with iTunes and upgrade to iOS 12 like I did - ever since I reset the phone and deleted everything it runs great.

No need to spend so much money on a device simply to run IF! You can then keep the android for personal use when you’re out and about;)

But if you’re looking for a newer device - not just for IF I personally recommend the iPhone XR it’s fairly priced currently and some carriers will give you good deals on them - also it’s got a sizable battery - good screen quality - and the screens an LCD so if you happen to break it - it’ll be cheaper than the other devices rocking that OLED tech!


I use an iPhone 7 and it doesn’t lag at all. Very good device, although sometimes it may heat up for a few minutes but it could be because mine is 2 years old.


I got a IPhone 6, and it’s runs just fine for me


For an ios device i would go for atleast the 8 and above.
For android i use the Huawei Mate 20 pro. I can have everything set to high on graphics with no lag and the battery barely even gets hot. But its up to you at the emd of the day.


Thanks for the feedbacks guys! Currently still deciding, I’ll go with either the S9+ or Poco F1. Cheers.


Alright, I’ve made my final decision. I’ll get a new S9 Plus (not second hand), probably next month. If not then I’ll get the S8 Plus. Thank you all for the feedbacks and reccomendations, I appreciate it so much and is so thankful. Mods may now close the thread. Cheers!


Nope it never happens on an iPhone :) IF is really well stabilized for IOS devices


I can attest to that as a brand new IOS user from Android, I yield to IOS.