iPhone 7 for Infinite Flight

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime at the moment to play IF, but it lags too much and it gets really hot within an hour of a flight. Currently I’m interested in getting an iOS device, since it seems like it works better in IF. So I would love to know if an iPhone 7 is good for IF or maybe there’s a better alternative from android. I also would love to know your current phone and how well does it run IF. Cheers!

Pardon me for my terrible English as its not my main language, I just hope you understood what I said.

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Id advise you to get an iPhone 8+. I got mine in October for 650 AUD for 256gb option and runs amazing. iPhone 7 is a few years old now so it might be laggy if you get a used one

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If you want to go for an Android, I personally use a Galaxy A8+ occasionally. It runs everything smoothly on medium settings. However, an iPad would be a a great investment if you want a tablet. The 2018 iPad and iPad Pro are great choices, and can run everything on high settings.

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I would have suggested they have an Android phone that’s higher than a Samsung Galaxy S 8 or similar …

I use an S 9 and it’s on the highest settings and everything runs smoothly … However, if there’s a lot going on at the airport so more than 50 planes then it will hang easily but I think that happens on an iPhone as well

I’m using an IPhone 6 and it works just fine…

I know a few people with an iPhone 7 using IF and have no issues. You may need to play with your graphics settings a bit to get optimum performance.

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I see. But will the Samsung S8 or S9 be better?

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Checking this thread may help find the right iPhone or iPad for you.

Although purchases made through the App Store or Google Play Store do not transfer to the opposing App Store, whether Apple or Android. Each App Store has control over their own purchases, not allowing them to be honored by the opposite store.

For example, If you purchased a game on an Xbox, it would not be recognized if you transferred it to a PlayStation. Transferring to IOS means that you will have to re-purchase IF, but you can still log into your account.


Go for the S9. It’s newer and has a wider screen.

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Yes it’s newer, but it’s exactly the same size and resolution 😉

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Alright, I will take a look into the thread

In terms of performance, is the S9 far more superior when compared to an S8? I’d love to run the simulator with everything on high and AA enabled, and maybe less possibility of getting lags in crowded airports.

Typically you shouldn’t have any issues with the S8; my pixel 2 and Razer phone both have exactly the same internals, and I haven’t noticed much lag anywhere…
The s9 will be a lot faster and more powerful. If you can afford it, I’d go for it

I use the iPhone 7 currently and have encountered no problems, and IF runs smoothly at fully graphics.

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I have a Pixel 2, it runs IF like a dream. You could also look at some of the one plus devices for some cheap good performance.

I’m looking for second hand devices, and S9 SH is pretty much the same price as a high end oneplus.

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Or I also have an eye on this one, the Xiaomi Pocophone F1, has same specs as S9 (SDM845 and Adreno 630) but the Xiaomi has 6GB ram brand new while the S9 is second hand with 4GB of ram. However, the Xiaomi is much cheaper than the S9.

Don’t get hung up on the figures. Ram isn’t as important for mobile phones. I would ask some of the android experts and see their opinion. For example Samsung phones are prone to being throttled quite early on in the device’s life cycle, I can’t speak for the other ones you listed but there are far more important factors. I have the IPhone 7 but haven’t flown on it, if you still consider it an option I could check for you and see what it’s like but personally I would suggest a cheaper phone and save for an iPad 2018 or something.

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I wouldn’t even splurge for an 8+. It gets so hot and loses battery so fast!
I would DEFINITELY reccomend saving up for a new iPad Pro

I have an iPad 6th generation and it works amazing. I have it on all high graphics and it hasn’t lagged or kicked me out of a flight once. My old device didn’t support global so I had to switch to this and I’m so happy I did