iPhone 7 and 7 plus support

Infinite flight should support IPhone 7 and 7 plus. It looks weird right now.


Wish I had one to complain about ;)


What is the problem with the it’s your device or the IF apps

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FDS probably have to resize IF for the phone screen.


My 7 Plus should be coming in the mail soon. I’ll be complaining also if I encounter this. Hope it gets fixed.


Too small text or too big?

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Post a pic? How is it weird


In theory there shouldnt be a difference because they use the same screen hardware for the iphone 6 in the iphone 7

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In what way is it weird? That could mean anything.


Take screenshots and post them. Provide details for each one so that the staff can pass the word on for the developers to improve.

Yeah I thought the screen size and dimensions were the same. I’m interested as well.

@R_Jordanian @Carson @Thomas_Oehrling @Fabian-BB The buttons are very small. The buttons are like the ones on the IPad but shrinked into an IPhone 7 and 7 plus

A screenshot would help. It could be due to the fact that IF newest build isn’t yet builded with Xcode 8, I’m not sure if that would make a difference though. They’ll most likely update IF with compatibility for iPhone 7 soon, if they didn’t already.

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are you using a 7 plus?

Yeah I am. @Thomas_Oehrling

Sorry I can’t because Apple only takes PNG Images and I don’t have a Samsung.

PNG images should upload just fine. Or did you get an error?

Just crop off a millimeter of an edge to make it a non-PNG file and it will upload fine.

Please take a screenshot, no one can help till then.

I am not telling people to help Because This happens on ALL IPHONE 7 PLUS @Natzoo