iPhone 6S Lags when Taxiing/flying into traffic

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been having an issue, and this hasn’t happened before.

The Issue

Whenever I spawn in an airport (Such as Todays FNF at YSSY), I start off as normal, no lag occurs, but when I begin to taxi into where most of the traffic happens, it makes my iPhone lag. I always remove background apps and usually only have Infinite Flight running, though I sometimes forget to remove the background apps (Which honestly didn’t affect the IF in the beginning). The same occurs when landing

Here is what I have done:

  • Soft Reset the phone
  • Updated iOS
  • Hard Reset the phone

These are all I have done. What I feel like is affecting my phone is the amount of Apps and Photos I have on my phone. Sometimes Space on my phone for some reason affects Infinite Flight. I also have a stable internet connection.


I am not sure what is honestly causing the lag, as I have a great Internet Connection. The only thing I can think of is that the amount of Apps and Photos I have affect the app in some way. So there is no way to reproduce (At least to my knowledge)


iPhone 6S
iOS 11.3 Beta 3
2GB of RAM
32GB Flash Storage
Apple A9 Chip

Other Information

I did a Livestream on Facebook once when I did a short flight from KMEM to KIND, it did show the Lag only when I was at KMEM, since there was traffic.

It happens in all servers, and I am afraid that someday in Expert Server, it will lag out and I will possibly get a ghost, which I do not want. I would like your suggestions, and thank you for helping!

What are your live settings? I noticed that mine got hot with “show airplanes” on very high.

I would make sure you don’t have other apps running and you are charging you battery.

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I have all settings high, as it handles it No problem during all phases of flight.

This has never happened before though, and I have a good device that’s not outdated


Ok I do the same thing here. What’s you internet speed/bandwith. IF could be trying to stream the planes* and terrain (*not sure about the planes). That could also be a cause…

Our Internet is 200MB per Second. And not all the airplanes are downloaded.

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Then I don’t know. Last guess is that you don’t have enough RAM, but that’s about all I can think of…

I Always clear the Background apps that use up the RAM.

Not actually sure how to manage RAM in an iOS device

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I’m getting the feeling that this is the cause. Maybe transferring your photos to another device and turning off background app refresh may actually mimpnimize this issue. On top of that is the aircraft rendering and scenery, which might give this effect. This is, of course, what I think

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It’s good to hear you have a good internet connection. Have you restarted your WiFi router?

I had a feeling. I did delete some apps I don’t use though and some photos and videos

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No, Our wifi works just fine.

That’s what I usually do too, and I have to say, it does remove the lag on my side

Roger that. You said you had a lots of photos and such on your phone, have you deleted any of them? Even if you have enough storage for Infinite Flight, it always help to clear up as much storage as possible.

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I have delete some, but not all. I wish to transfer, but my Macbook storage is full

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I DO have a 3TB External HDD, and I have no idea how to put all my Photos from my Macbook onto it so I can relive about 35GB of storage from my Mac

That could be part of your issue at the moment. Re-install Infinite Flight and see if that helps. On another note, do you experience the same amount of lag at less populated areas as you do in populated areas?

No, only in Populated areas I will experience the Lag

Ok I think that is your issue. Due to the amount of people on the server, it will produce lag.

More people online = more lag

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That could be it, but I’ll remove apps and photos and see if it eases the game lag, but if it doesn’t change it, then It could be the amount of people, which is odd since it has never done that before, and I have enough RAM

I’ll come back tomorrow, as its night time here


That would only be an issue if you are running low on memory.