iPhone 6S Crashing

I was flying and was on short final at EDDL when the entire airport disappeared. I couldn’t see the runway, the taxiways, or even the terminal. Just the scenery. As quickly as it disappeared, Infinite Flight crashed. I recently got the battery of my phone replaced with a brand new battery, and IF hadn’t crashed for one week. I was able to do a 15 hour long haul the night it was replaced. Then today, I was nearing EDDL and all of that happened. What should I do?

This doesn’t happen with other apps, just Infinite Flight. No screenshots of the airport without pavement or lights are available, there wasn’t enough time to take them.

Hello there,
What device are you using and what are your settings on for IF?

Mainly do you have limit frame rate on and anti aliasing?

I do not have limit frame rate on and it is on an iPhone 6S

Okay can you turn that on and see how it goes. I think for your device it’s a must.

Why should it be a ‘must’? I have 11.87 GBs left of storage and 2 GBs of RAM.

It’s not a requirement, I use an iPhone 6s with it on and graphics on medium.

Limit frame rate makes the application run better and outs less strain on the device. I have the latest Apple devices and still use it and when I had the iPhone 6s I also used it. This is if you want to try and run IF with the settings on max.

Could running 2 third party apps on my phone and one on my computer have anything to do with it?

You mean like IF passengers and IF assistant?

On my phone: IF Assistant and IF Operations (Beta testing app)
On my Computer: LiveFlight Connect (with a joystick)

No that should not be the cause of the crashing.

Try using limit frame rate and see how you get on.

I’m not sure what the scenery would have to do with the device, I’ve never had the entire floor of an airport disappear and an app crash. I would:

  1. Reset your scenery cache. Go to Settings > General > Click “Clear Scenery Cache”
  2. Reset your RAM. Hold the Power button, then when the power down screen comes up hold the home button.
  3. Try turning off all third party apps
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What do you mean by

Double tap the home button then swipe up on any apps that are open.

Ok, thanks!

What plane were you in?

Norwegian Air Shuttle 737-800

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  1. Were you using WiFi or Cellular?
  2. What is your airplane count set to in the live settings?
  3. What is rendering quality, rendering resolution, texture quality set to in the graphics settings?
  4. Is limit frame rate checked in the graphics settings?
  5. Do you have a VPN on?
  1. Wifi
  2. High
  3. High, High, High
  4. Now it is, but it wasn’t during the flight.
  5. I have a VPN for when I livestream on YouTube with Vidih, but it wasn’t on during this flight.