iPhone 6

Who is using iPhone 6, how can I fly more than 1 hour, with 1 gb ram

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Drop settings to the lowest possible settings and have AA off. best thing, I used to use an IPhone 6 I managed 12-18 hour flights on it running the lowest possible settings

I am using an IPhone 6 at the moment and for flights up to 4 hours I can keep it on High settings without an issue - I just reset my RAM before each flight.

For longer flights and flying in/out of ATC airports on Expert I have to have graphic and texture settings right down as well as airplane count right down otherwise it crashes - I also reset my RAM beforehand.

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I would strongly recommend getting a new phone/IPad at some point in the near future if you want to carry on playing IF (especially online) once the A350 and reworked 777 are released - which will increase the load rather exponentially.

That’s what I’m doing anyway, it’s your opinion what you do.

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How do you clear your ram?

Just fully restart your device.
Hold the power button. Then slide to the right, and give it 30 seconds and then hold the power button again

Ok, thx I will try it for 2 hours flight first)

I’ve been having issues where I’m on short final and my iPhone 6 just lags and kicks me out of the game. I’ll try them settings though

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