iPhone 6+

Do you device error heal in this update in the iPhone 6plus?

I am breaking the iPhone6plus with this app!

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Please explain better the error and how you can reproduce him. And what do you mean by “breaking” your iPhone 6+…

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Please explain. In better detail

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Result of the Infiniti flight was broken foundation under load to iPhone Apple came out

Infinite Flight has worked completely fine on my iPhone 6S Plus since release day, what seems to be going on?

Apple was said to be infinity flight crashes that the activating the iPhone app over the load.

I don’t seem to understand what you are saying.

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me neither, i have the 6 plus and IfinitE flight works good

Mobile becomes hot in 5 minutes after the start of the live, the display of the device error will appear.

Ok, how much storage do you have on your device? I suggest lowering all the settings and see if that helps! Good luck!

Availability of storage is 39.6GB!

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Lower the settings?

Try lowering the screen brightness, close any background applications, bump the graphics settings down a notch (airplane count, terrain, water rendering). See if the issue remains then?

I use IF on all max settings with no problems at all, even with background applications open. It almost sounds like you have a device problem.

It seems like there is no answer from operator. Is anyone from operator checking this question?

Ok you must lower your settings