iPhone 6 PLUS Lag

Each time i’m doing a long haul or mid haul flight some lag occurs (e.g. 2 hours into a flight) it’s pretty hard to get rid of it, takes nearly a minute or less to respond and do something or else it just stays there! what can I do? i’m running iOS 11 on a iPhone 6 Plus! help!!!

Do you have the latest Infinite Flight Update from the App Store? If you do, then I would try reinstalling the app or restarting your device :)

Thanks For Contacting Support

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I would suggest restarting your device before each flight and keeping your setting on low.

Try that and see if the problem persists.


Thanks! i’ll try to see if that works, and if it consists i’ll find some other ways.

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Yes, I have the latest version right now

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You can reset your phone’s RAM:

  • Hold the power button until the “slide to power off” interface appears
  • Press and hold the home button
  • The app you’re on should refresh, signalling the process is done!