Iphone 6 Plus Game Crashing

I was around 20 minutes from my scheduled landing into Chicago after around a 3 and a half hour flight from LAX i noticed my fps was dropping so i lowered my settings to medium, for game rendering and low, for aircraft and scenery. After around 2 minutes from lowering my settings the game crashed. I do believe that my device is capable of running this simulator as it is within the requirements?

I held back from making a post when it occurred before as there was a topic on preventing this kind of issue. basically on another flight from LAX to SYD the same thing happened when i was close to landing… the game just crashed. My settings aren’t high and they have run smoothly on medium (for both) on recent flights those flights i didn’t come across a lot of traffic and was on my own, landing into those airports (no other aircraft were visible) . I have seen the support on lowering my settings and taking those measures (reset ram,device,reinstall app etc) but it doesn’t appear to be working.

I guess i just want to know whether this is a universal issue throughout other devices around (that have the requirements too) or do i need to upgrade my device?



More info such as operating system would be nice, and would assist in solving your problem.

Sounds like a memory crash.
Have you restarted your device / cleared out RAM recently?

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Currently running on version 10.3.3

looks like i have an update for ios 11.0.3 do you think that could be the issue?

Have done both. Just looking in settings now and it looks like i have a software update ios 11.0.3… would that be the issue?

May be. Shouldn’t be that affecting but it won’t hurt to update. I’d also recommend reinstalling Infinite Flight.

i’ll update.
I did delete the app and redownload it yesterday thinking that might solve it as well.
could it be down to how much i use the device and how old it is? limiting the performance it once had?

Nah, performance degradation shouldn’t be that bad after a few years

I meant years… my mind was a bit off there. :)

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I doubt you’re the only one facing such problems.

Even after clearing RAM multiple times, my IF still crashed, twice, yesterday doing a short flight from KSEA to CYVR. First time would be understandable as there was a lot to proccess but the second crash seemed out of the blue since I was doing little to nothing controlling CYVR ground and tower.

I think its Apple secretly poking at people like us to upgrade to “headphone-jack-less” phones now 🙄


since the release of global, every time have a long haul the app crashes.
Today only for the first time i finished LHR-BOS a 7 hrs flight.

I didnt post because i know the release is new and well face many issues at the begining

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We released a hotfix today that should improve stability on iOS; make sure you update Infinite Flight to latest version and report back for any new issue.


Hotfix seems to have improved and solved the crashing (based on 1 3hr flight) although the game now freezes for 30sec-1min instead.

On my flight down from Toronto to Miami today (after the hotfix) I hadn’t no issues up until descent. It seems to be that around decent time my device can’t handle all of the things going on and now freezes rather than crashes - which is much better. Would this be to do with the limit frame rate setting? Because all is good until I start changing vs, switching cameras, going into flight plan etc… then my device freezes for a small period of time reconnecting to live and api after.

Really happy that the crashing has stopped, I can handle the freezing, just wanted to know if there is something I can do to minamalise it.



I guess the freeze are just caused by the lack of processing power. Try putting graphics to the minimum, just to see if you still encounter freezes - if so, then you can twiddle with the settings until you have a nice performance of performance and eye-candy. Glad to hear the hotfix helped though!


It started to slow on descent for me as well, but no other freezes during my 2hr flight from NZAA to YSSY. My landing fpm really suffered cos of the momentary freezes in final :/

Glad to hear (and experience myself) that the hotfix has been pretty useful!

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Just ran another flight, from SYD to AKL with lower settings and my phone (not just app) froze, only 20 minutes from departure. This happened as a notification (low power Mode) popped up whilst climbing to my cruising altitude. I couldn’t click the button to activate and had noticed that my device had froze. I waited 5 minutes to see if it would unfreeze and eventually had to run a hard reset (holding off button and home button) to exit the app and be able to access my phone again.

Disappointing but hopefully these issues will be fixed over time. For now im going to give global a rest until the app is more stable.

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