Iphone 6 Ios 11.0.3

What are the higest graphic options for Iphone 6 Ios 11.0.3?

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It depends, with IOS 11 you should be able to use full graphic settings on some phones. If your phone is very new you will be able to run full graphics smoothly.

Why not give it a go? Switch it to full and see how it goes and then you can make an assumption about what graphic settings are best for your phone.


You can set everything to highest, but it’ll probably lag a bit. Just try out what works best for you.


I have an iPhone 6 on iOS 11.0.3 and full graphics and all the extra stuff runs smooth. Gets hot after several hours as expected tho

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Every device would get hot unless Low Power Mode is turned on. This is due to the intensive device usage caused by the constant streaming and processing of Global scenery.

Try everything on high but with anti-aliasing off. It’ll look good and run well.

You should clear cache before you start your flight, it should allow for smoother running of the app for higher settings

To clear cache:

  1. Hold the power button until “slide to power off” appears on your screen
  2. Hold down the home button until the option disappears
  3. Your screen should reset unless you’re on the home page, any music playing will stop, and this signals that your phone’s RAM has been cleared

Fly on!

Highest works for me in a iPhone 6, all fine , I have never tried long hauls as battery drains quickly on highest

I run an older device iPhone 5S on full graphics and runs very smoothly. Your iPhone 6 should run very smoothly on full graphics.

Do you guys have anti-aliasing on

I have an iPhone 6 with full graphics and it’s working fine. Only be aware the device can get pretty hot but other than that, nothing…

I use it every time but I turn it off on overnight flights to conserve my battery.

Thank you everyone for your answers. The problem is now solved!

If I may ask? Which recommendation(s) resolves your issue this way we can have a good record for it for future reference.


I took all of your answers, and brave it out, it turns out they can be at the highest quality!

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