iPhone 6+ graphics issue

Greetings. I like to fly with full device brightness. After a few mins, my brightness automatically drops to 50% and it takes an exit and some iOS adjusting to fix the problem. I do have antialiasing turned on. Is this a known problem? Do you need more info?

No problems on 2nd gen iPad mini.

Thank you.

This is actually an IOS prob. Turn of auto brightness to solve it.

I’ve had this problem also. It seems like it happens when the device gets too hot.

Yes, there is much heat. Auto brightness is NOT on.

I am not blaming Infinite Flight, as I have 40+ hours on iPhone 4s and IPads. I am just wondering if I should return my hardware (iPhone 6+), or if others are experiencing the issue too.

Thank you.

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Thank you for your reply Swang007. I see you are a moderator. Have you talked to the devs about this? I switched off anti-aliasing, but I hate to do that.

Any ideas? Recommendations?

Best regards.

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Exactly that, and that’s why I think iPhone automatically reduces brightness, maybe it’s trying to keep itself from overheating? And no, I haven’t talked to the devs about this.

Turn off auto brightness

The iPhone automatically does this. It also does it on a few other apps I constantly use for work. This dimming feature prevents overheating and was confirmed by Apple. You can not play for extended periods of time in full brightness.

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Thank you for your reply. Can you provide a link to Apple’s confirmation?

Auto brightness is not turned on. Please read previous posts. Thank you.