iPhone 6 Community Forum Not Loading

Not sure if it is happening to anyone else but the page loads but nothing shows up. No heading nothing just a greyish screen. I tried:

  1. Closing the tab.
  2. Closing the tab and the web browser
  3. Restarting the phone

Phone: iPhone 6
Version: Latest
Browser: Safari and Firefox

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okay, thank you.

and thank you @Carson as well


Google chrome is much better for community in all devices not only iPhone 6

My iPhone 6 is fine try turning your phone off and I only use safari

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This happened to me on my iPad, so I used a different browser for a few days, but I came back today and tried again and now it loads. Not exactly sure how I fixed it…

Go to Settings on your device and then go Safari

Scroll down and look for Clear History and Website Data

Press on Clear History And Data and press clear. Make sure all your tabs are closed on your device.

After that shutdown your device for 30 seconds and go back in Safari and tell me if it works! :)

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Use chrome. I gave up on safari since it has performed less than optimally and chrome has given me no problems

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thanks that worked

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