iPhone 5S for Infinite Flight

Is the iPhone 5S good enough for Infinite Flight?

DISCLAIMER: i know there is a other topic about it, but its closed…

I hope so because I’ll be getting one soon.

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I would probably say that it surely isn’t ideal. Such a small phone screen for Infinite Flight seems like a hassle. I personally wouldn’t consider playing IF on anything smaller than an iPhone 6, but I much prefer my nice big iPad. 😉


I’m using an iPhone 5s and the quality is great. You have to put it on VeryHigh @Adrien


Could you PM me your settings please? Thanks in advance! :)

I have an iPhone 5s but it’s not that great to be honest the screens to small

I have a 5s, runs smoothly.

I used to own one and could use it but on empty servers, lowest graphics, lowest setting for airplane count. You need at least a full GB of RAM to operate IF now and the 5S only has a full GB of ram so you need the RAM completely clear.

Yes it is, I have one, and it works fine

I have a 5C, and it works beautifully. I can run maximum graphics and aircrafts rendering at KLAX on TS1 with no issues, so that has to mean something 😂. I reccomend restarting the phone occasionally, so if you’re going to be flying for like 5 hours nonstop, you might want to do a restart prior to flying.

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Works well for me.

I have 5S and it runs smoothly on very high settings but it gets very hot

It’s great. Not sure how well it’ll serve a few years from now but I haven’t had any issues with it. The screen is a bit small, yeah, but you get used to it pretty quickly

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It’s smaller, but powerful. I have had mine for three years, it’s holding up at around 20 fps

I tried it out on mine and it works and dosnt crash is to small

Do yourself a favor and get the S7

You’d be mad to replace your iPad with a S7 to play IF! Now, phone wise, I’d much rather prefer my iPhone 6 over a phone that can blow up in my hand. 😉

Only the Note would do that. I upgraded from iPhone to the S7 and it is far more capable to handle IF, especially with any future RAM needs. Even with the iPhone7 you have 1 GB less RAM than the S7. For IF what is going to determine your capability to play fully will be your RAM capability.

BOI, that’s the note 7, another misinformed individual with an opinion

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Well, when I own Apple, and these phone companies making 482264749 different phone models, you expect me to remember them all? 🙄

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