iPhone 14 Pro UI Issue

Hello and happy Launch Day!

If you haven’t already heard, Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max introduced the Dynamic Island. While I think it’s an awesome feature, it, unfortunately, affects the Infinite Flight UI. Like last year’s iPhone 13 series with the smaller notch, the Dynamic Island “eats” into some of the buttons, making it harder to use these necessary functions.

I assume this has to do with iOS’s 16 SDK not being optimized with Infinite Flight, but I thought I’d bring attention to this regardless. Additionally, please see below for images that help visualize the issue.

Device: iPhone 14 Pro (15,2)
OS: iOS 16.0
Infinite Flight Version: 22.6 (2007)

Thanks in advance!



Not that we weren’t expecting something like this :)

Thanks for the report! Now we have something to work with.


Can dynamic island be removed from the screen as it can light up?

Also, KEWR is lookin nice.


It can’t since even though the dynamic island is made to look all pretty using animations, it’s still a physical cutout in the screen.


Starz! You’re back!

And, yeah, what Starz said, @DarkspoulYT. It’s honestly really cool what it can do. The fact that it can multitask apps is awesome.

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eeeeeee i think i’m back for good now this time ^-^

dynamic island is still hilarious to me though. they could name it anything and dynamic island is on the bare bottom of the list

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I also noticed that the cameras don’t zoom in on any angle (tail, bottom, normal, etc.)

Hopefully it gets fixed in 22.7

@Z-Tube the Dynamic Island cannot be removed I have searched Everywhere how to remove it but there is nothing. I suggest using a different Device at the moment until the Infinite Flight Team figures out how to fix it.

I’m aware. But thanks?

This wasn’t a complaint, per se. More or less to let the team know and have something to work off of.

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Hey @Z-Tube, can you try restarting the app to see if that fixes it? If that doesn’t work, can you try a reinstall?

We just made a config change from our end and it would be good to confirm if it works before we get our iPhone 14s delivered :)


Making my home airport look nice😍 gonna work there all winter so I’ll be happy for this airport release😁 good work brother

Interestingly, the Dynamic Island is less intrusive while flying after the fix but just as intrusive in the editor.

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OMG That phone is beautiful!! I have to buy it i like the island soo much (sorry for clogging up the thread but i just had to say that its beautiful!!)

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