iPhone 13 Pro UI Issue


If you haven’t already heard, the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max all received a smaller bezel in terms of length. However, its height has acquired a 20% increase, seemingly affecting the Infinite Flight UI. It appears as if the bezel is “eating” into some of the buttons, making it harder to use these necessary functions. Please see below for images that help visualize the issue.

Device: iPhone 13 Pro (14,2)
OS: iOS 15.0
Infinite Flight Version: 21.05 (1081)

I would sincerely appreciate it if a fix for this could be pushed.


I’m sure a fix will be pushed soon. This happens every time a new iPhone comes out with a slightly different screen/bezel/notch size. These things don’t usually take that long to be fixed.

Similarly reported on the new iPad Mini, this is something that will be fixed in the near future due to the changed resolution. Cameron mentioned this in another topic.

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Yes, this is probably due to the app not being updated for the iOS 15 SDK. It got released really late (in my opinion, maybe it’s standard) and needs to be adapted to our framework, then we need to make the necessary adjustments in the app.

It will be fixed as soon as we possibly can :)


Glad to hear this. 🙌

Looking forward to Xamarin receiving official support with the iOS 15 SDK, and ultimately seeing Infinite Flight optimized for these new devices.

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