iPhone 12 graphics settings

Just upgraded today to an iPhone 12 with iOS 15.3.1

Not sure what graphics settings should be so as to not overload the device or it overheat etc.

What could I tangibly have on high?

Everything. I run an iPhone 12 secondarily, and all the graphics settings are maxed out. Runs like butter except in heavy traffic, and I note overheating usually stems from frame rate and anti-aliasing, along with device brightness and if I’m charging the device while using it. Hope this helps!


How about FPS limit? 30 or 60 fps?

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You can more than likely run on high graphics settings fairly easily, obviously there may be FPS hits when at a busy 3D airport but you get that on any device. I’d also recommend using the “automatic low power mode” feature in the settings which limits the impact on the battery level and health, especially on long flights.

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Hello man,

I think with that new iPhone 12 you could make run this game with full graphics, of course. As per experience, it have an impact on your battery life, here is some little tips to enjoy IF without reducing or at least, reducing a minimum of your battery life.

1. Set the free mode while doing flight, when you are on your autopilot at the cruise you may leave your device and do other things (keep a look at some poing, ofc :)) then put your camera on free mode so it will stay at the location you have put the free mode came on and then will not load new terrain.

2. Set the anti-aliasing on, at least, that what I’m doing on my iPad 7th Generation and my iPhone XR (when I was using my iPhone).

Here is only my advice, you may use it or not, I found them always helpful!

Blue skies, see you !

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If you’re in cruise or a non-critical phase of flight where you’re away from your device, I would recommend 30. If you’re taking off, landing, or doing aerobatics, capturing video, etc. then 60 would be preferred.

You get a pre-warning when selecting anti-aliasing to on about devices not being able to handle it? Presumably the iPhone 12 is more than able to?

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Yes I do get one as I remind me, don’t really know for the iPhone 12 but I’m assuming it would be good.

Blue skies!

I would say - try it out. If you notice that device is heating up too much, i would disable it.


As an Android user, i dont know what you mean by “battery life”. Do you mean how long it takeos from 100% to 0%, or how many years your battery will last??

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Alright, basically the battery life is the percentage of your battery usage.

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