iPhone 11 Pro Max support

I have a new iPhone 11Pro Max and every time I try to play IF on it it crashes. Not sure why. Does anyone else have this issue with their iPhone 11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max?

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It happens on any iOS device due to a memory leak that the devs are aware of. Your best bet is to turn down your settings to lowest as well as Power Saving off. Keep in mind that doesn’t guarantee a fix.

More info here:

Hope that helps!

So disappointing. Doesn’t seem like it should do this on an 11 Pro. I just upgraded from the Xs Max and think I might keep it to play IF😂


Let’s hope the fix comes out next update. Lots of goodies to be enjoyed.

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At what point does it crash! This device should not be that affected by the leak.

It crashes on the Loading screen. Honestly it might be my connection.

That’s an odd one.
Can you try this;

  • Relaunch Infinite Flight (make sure you stop it from running in the background first)
  • Before starting a new flight, Go to Settings —> General —> Tap “Clear scenery cache”. It’s in the bottom.
  • Start a flight (try on Solo first)
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I think the XS Max is better because the A12 chip works better with my WiFi because we can only get slow WiFi where we live.

Slow speeds shouldn’t cause any crashes though. And not at that stage.

So embarrassing… I ran out of storage. Typical iOS problems.

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Free some up and you should be fine then :)


So sorry for wasting your time.

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No worries at all :)