Iphone 11 for IF?

Hello, Guys.
Does anyone here use iphone 11? I wonder if iphone 11 still has a glitch in play if? Especially for graphics setting on busy airport.

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Yes, I do use the iPhone 11 sometimes. It can run Infinite Flight very well even with settings on high!

I haven’t seen any glitches so far.

This thread may help:


Seems to be fine. There’s a thread here made by users of this device, it’s highly suggested!


Any high end phone with a good processor will be able to run IF smoothly, so I don’t think there’s anything to worry about except possible overheating in long flights. Although, I currently don’t use an iPhone 11 for IF, this is information from somebody else

I have an iPhone 11 and IF runs absolutely perfectly. Have never experienced any crashes and very little lag, even on maximum graphics.

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I have the iPhone 11 and works perfectly fine now with Infinite Flight


Thr glitches only occured when the iphone 11 came out and then it got patched

I have also used an iPhone 11 for 8 months now for IF and all my setting are on max. I have only crashed once. Not sure why but that’s the only issue I’ve ever had. It’s a great little device would highly recommend it

The IPhone 11 is a great and powerful device! It should run IF perfectly with pretty high settings.

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