Iphone 10 not working with IF on iOS 11.2.6

So a few minutes ago I installed iOS 11.2.6 and now I can’t get past the loading screen on infinite flight m. (I will redownload it and see if it wants to work then)

If anyone has the same problem comment down below!

Reinstall, download, and check to see if you have a strong connection

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That is probably a good idea to redownload the app. Also check your internet connection.

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Will do :)
Thanks for the recommendation!

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I actually just updated to the same version on my iPad and it’s working perfectly, it sounds like an internet connectivity issue to me. If reinstalling doesn’t work, try resetting your network or your device.


Oki then. I’ll see if that’s it

Usually if you try spawning at another airport in another aircraft it should work again. Try that first if you haven’t reinstalled it yet.

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