IpadOS15 for IF

Hey guys i have a quick question right now i just installed the IpadOS15 beta and would like to know if any software beta for the ipad affect the app like does IF crash after a long time? Thanks

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It crashes really hard especially on long hauls


I don’t think you should do it. Some apps might not work as well because they haven’t been updated to work with iOS15 yet. Probably one of the reasons why it crashes Infinite Flight.

iOS and iPadOS 15 are both developer betas and not available to the general public yet. As they are early versions of beta software, Infinite Flight is not officially supported on these.

We won’t provide support or guarantee compatibility until they are launched publicly later in September. Use at your own risk :)


Thanks guys so im probs gonna be on break for IF from longer flights over an hour and so byeeee

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