iPadOS 15 update…

Hey everyone… I got the iPadOS 15 update. Am just wondering if anyone has already updated and their experience with it especially concerning infinite flight.


i currently haven’t yet, is there something that’s gonna change the game or?

As someone who is currently waiting for it to download, there shouldn’t be anything that breaks IF and you should be able to use IF the way you did on iPadOS14

I’ve been using the update for a few weeks now (beta) and IF works just fine, as usual

Edit: I’ve used iOS but ipadOS must be similar

I haven’t had any issues yet. What are you experiencing?

Hello, @Aero_Contractors_Ng!

In addition to the previous replies, I’ve been running iPadOS 15 since its Beta launch at WWDC21 and can say that since Beta 8 (August 31), Infinite Flight has fine.

I’ve yet to update my iPad to the official version as I plan to stay on the Developer Beta; however, you can expect similar performance from iPadOS 14 → iPadOS 15, assuming that the iPadOS 15 Gold Master version (public version) is similar to Beta 8, which I expect it to be.

If you notice any issues, from the iPadOS side of things at least, feel free to shoot me a PM, and if I can replicate it, I’ll forward it over via the Feedback Assistant app.


I have not updated yet. I guess I can go ahead and update since there has been no issues.

ipados 15 successfully installed, no issues with IF

I have had iOS 15 beta the whole time and I’ve experienced no issues.

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