iPadAir - poor gameplay

Hi there,

I just brought a brand new iPad Air and the gameplay is not as good as my old iPad, with all buttons and icons impossibly small to see or use.

Is there a fix on the way for this issue.

Thank you

Welcome to the community!
Devs are working on a fix. Coming soon

How is that relevant here? :)

@ajm - we’re aware of this and are working on deploying a fix!


Try reinstalling the app. That might help ;)

No, @schyllberg just said they’re working on a fix, and they know it’s an issue, why would a reinstall help?

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There is a update available that adds support to the new iPads.

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Ok, that’s good, @ajm can you confirm that you’re on the latest version? It should fix it, but @schyllberg was making it sound like it wasn’t fixed yet, so I’m not really sure to be honest…

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That version does unfortunately not do what it’s supposed to. Otherwise i would have said we have a working fix out :)


Ok, makes sense. Just out of curiosity does it affect the new mini as well?

No, I have a mini 4 and it runs beautifully

That is not the new iPad Mini.

@KPIT - it does, yes.


Ok, thanks! Just out of curiosity what about the new devices causes this? I mean obviously they’re new, and different, but especially the Mini 5 is only really new in the processor, so I’m just curious as to why it would have an issue like this…

Maby that’s a dumb question, I’m not really an expert on these things, I was just curious…

Different model, that’s it. The app currently have no clue about the screen size, resolution or similar. So we need to ask the device what it is and the app will then adapt to it. That part isn’t working right now.

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Oh, ok, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up!

Hello and welcome to the community! I’ve had the same issues in the past on a different device, so I feel your pain! I’m sure this will be fixed but if you’d like, I created a feature request that would help in situations such as this.

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