iPad won’t charge

So I’m flying MIA-LAX on low graphics and power saving mode but my iPad doesn’t seem to want to charge? Is it an issue on my end or is this a bug?

Your end probably. You may need a stronger charger, or your current charger may have an issue.

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How old is your device? Batteries deteriorate over time

get your charger and port on the pad checked by an authorized repair shop.

Only about 6 months

Did you lower your screen brightness too? That should help.

Yes tried that as well

I’d try what was mentioned above regarding your charger/cable, aftermarket chargers and the small square USB to household blocks aren’t any good in my experience.

Yea. I am using the charger that came in the box.

If you’re flying while trying to charge, I don’t know how wide spread this is, but my device will take much longer to charge whilst flying compared to doing anything else. Perhaps your device is taking much longer to charge, to where it looks like it might not be charging

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What condition is the charging cable in?

In this case its not specifically a charger or device issue, its just the amount of power the device is using is equal or less than the power its receiving in return, it could be a charger or device issue, but at the same time its just something normal, or its just your device not being able to handle the app.
No need to worry , just leave it , it could stay at the same %, or it will start to increase eventually.

Thanks and have a great day!!!

Try turning down the volume all the way. That helps battery life a lot!

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