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It amazes me how each flight tutorial manages to keep steadily to the centre line on landing approach without the aid of Autopilot. I am in my young 70s and find it difficult to keep my iPad steady. I WANT TO LAND WITHOUT AP. Any suggestions please would be most welcome (without age jibes that is)!!!


You can try to adjust sensitivity in settings —> controls and see if it helps.


You could try uncoupling the ailerons and rudder when on ground. It’s in settings.


I would say make a video of your landing it’s just so easy to do in iPad then most people can see what’s going wrong. And there are lots real pilots here.

In most cases it’s not always sensitivity…
1, using flight director to line up (fpv)
2, trimming aircraft for angle of attack
3, right speed and flaps settings

When I do this right it floats to runway, yes i do find deficult to keep in centre line after landing even after playing with settings…That’s could be do to wind.


Trim helps maintain stability with your altitude so on final approach try increasing that and I’m sure it will help you out a bit


Thanks a bunch all - I will try all tips. Sounds like some good advice. I hear Mark (Skyhawk heavy) advising to control descent with throttle on glidescobe which moves me off centre line. I shall have to practice that more I guess.

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