iPad under £500

Have a look in the refurbished section.
I know it may not sound ideal, but apple do an amazing job at this and the devices seem completely untouched and brand new.
Its worth it, especially when you look at the difference in pricing :)

Hope this helps!


Even though it’s refurbrished it’s still the same price😂

How do u mean? You can get between £60 and £250 off of the iPads depending on their model and original price.

Oh I looked at the wrong iPad lol

The „iPad“ would be under 500 pounds for 128GB. That may be an option

Don’t understand what you’re talking about

It‘s the „iPad“ 😂 It has no other name like Air, Pro or mini

Lol so it’s basically just an original ordinary iPad

Buy a 2 in 1 windows laptop emulate iOS or Android, and boom. (or dual boot it)

You can do lot’s of things with a computer

No they rereleased it recently. Its has modern specs. Don’t worry 😂😂😂

Its not the same… you can do a lot more with an iPad and they are more practical.
And to get a good laptop is expensive :/

Cough didn’t know you can tilt your monitor while playing Infinite flight

Some can believe it or not.

Can you give me the link to the ipad?

Here… read the specs before you buy it and see what you think :)

You can do more on a laptop, with better performance and iPAD don’t have the same functional compared to some programs. The App is just a crappy version of the program.

If you have a bad laptop already, it’s better to upgrade.

If you will use it just for Infinite Flight, get in the bin.

Oh that set already saw that

Yeah… i recommend either the 64GB iPad Air or the normal iPad with 128GB… depends on how much storage u’ll use.

I have a extremely bad laptop and my phone performance is better but you cant hate on an iPad I am an android fan at phone but with tablets No questions an ipad