iPad under £500

Not entirely true for the same performance. Apples ARM processors are killing it, and I’d imagine anything <$500 from chrome book side can’t compete with the A12 in the mini

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Which year?

Not mine…

If I ever get an tablet it would be an iPad nothing else

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Which one do you have? And it seems like @Infinite_aviation1 is pretty set on an iPad, so I think your in an uphill battle 😂

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Ok imma head out then…

Is Chromebook even an tablet?
I thought it was an laptop with Android on it

Which one do you have though? I’m curious to see how much chrome book you can get under $500

I have an Acer Chromebook 15 @KPIT

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A Chromebook is basically a tablet disguised as a laptop.

Its kinda cheap but can you use it without an joystick?

I have an ipad from 2017 it runs on max settings on IF

Yeah you can.

All the opinions for that laptop are either a celeron or atom duel core. Definitely not playing in the same feild as an A12/10

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I think you should read this post. This is everything you need to know. Other than that it’s the money you want to spend.

This post isn’t really about infinite flight anymore… or to begin with.


What I saw is the mini 5 graphic settings are not on max and the iPad pro with a12x with everything high
So what are the difference between an A12 and a12x? What does the X stand for? Maybe it’s because of the ram?

I think it’s around 2015 mate. Around then anyway. Runs well though on max settings!

Simply put, the A12x is just a more powerful version of the A12.

Why don’t you just get the best device your budget allows? If you can get one of the newer iPad pros, get that. Otherwise get a mini that’s as new as possible. That’s really all that the answer needed to be… Idk how that took 78 messages


My Mini 5 has been outstanding for everything…that may push budget but its great.

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Well ok🤷🏾‍♂️

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