iPad under £500

Wouldn’t say it would run max settings

Why Chromebook when I need to pay a couple to get a joystick to play Infinite flight?


I wouldn’t recommend a chrome book, or really a used iPad. In his price range he can get a great iPad from Apple direct, and have all the warranty everything first party, but a refurbished iPad might be a good idea if he can get a great deal

I have the the ipad mini 4 and it works perfict for Infinite flight.

I mean it runs, but he can get a much better device


Good point.

I bet you could find a like newer model IPad on Apple or Amazon in the refurbished section. That is where i got mine. Runs perfectly ALL SETTINGS MAX

That’s true I might manage a small screen and get the mini 5

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Nope I will buy it new at argos

I don’t trust Amazon or ebay

I wanted a bigger screen because of my hands they are gigantic

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I really think this whole discussion is a little pre mature. iPad is by far apples most fluid lineup right now, so I’d definitely see what the offering is when your ready to pull the trigger. I’d bet you any money there’s a better iPad for the same price then.

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The screen is bigger, if you get bumped on final it won’t kill you’re flight. Joystick is more precise and realistic compared to tilting your device. Good hardware costs just $50. It’s a GREAT system, I’ve used an iPad before and like the Chromebook WAY better.

And Chromebook are much cheaper than iPads.

I prefer tilt it’s much easier

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Chrome book can be tricky though. To get comparable performance you need a pretty beefy chrome book. The vast majority of them aren’t made to run anything this intense. I highly doubt there’s a $500 chrome book that can get A12 performance

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Lemme guess you are using a Chromebook

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Wasn’t sure if you saw my edit @Infinite_aviation1

I use the iPad air 2 128GB and whilst it’s old, it runs better than most new devices! You can probably pick one up for around £350! Hope that helps

Yep… haha

You’re kinda wrong on the price most of the Chromebooks are cheap and have thrash processors

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