iPad under £500

I will soon make up my mind but not today getting it for my birthday next year

Chromebook? Does it has sensors?

I wouldn’t buy a joystick
I just need a tablet that I don’t need to use a joystick

Sensors? What do you mean?

Mini 5 has a 7.9 inch screen, compared to a 10.9 on the 7 gen, but the mini 5 packs the A12 Bionic which is a fairly significant upgrade over the A10 in the 7th gen, but the A10 is still very capable. Look on YouTube or something, since they compete for many of the same customers (like you) there’s plenty of comparisons out there that go into way more detail than I ever could, and if your able (I know this is hard these days) try to get your hands on both in an Apple store or something since form factor is one of the biggest differences, see what you prefer.

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That’s an oof for me I wanted a iPad with the A12 and with a 10 inch screen

Then what we’re saying is likely irrelevant. Most iPads are in a 1-2 year refresh cycle, so most likely there will be new ones by then, actually by the end of this month with WWDC there will probably be new ones. But then again the Mini went almost five years without a refresh, so 🤷🏻‍♂️

Built in sensors

My joystick+Chromebook combination costed just $200. Not sure how much that is in pounds though.

I would recommend the Mini 5, because of the the A12 Bionic Chipset

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It’s very possible you’ll get that by next year honestly. At least an A11 in the 10.9

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But the question is would it be £1000?

I’ve been playing on the base model iPad. It works well for IF even at full setting although there is the occasional glitch. However if $500 is your limit you can get a better iPad, the newest iPad Air. I just bought an iPad Air to replace my standard iPad and it has a much faster processor, better graphics and a higher quality screeen. So the iPad Air is my recommendation.

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No usually they stay much the same price for the same product

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Yep that’s mine it’s a great one I bought it just for Infinite Flight you will clearly enjoy the experience !

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There will be new $1000 iPads, but Apple isn’t going to drop this bottom section, it’s there most lucrative by far, and in a year there will probably be at least one new offering down there. Don’t get your mind set yet is what I’d say.

An apple ipad mini 4 might work.

You are correct I’ll wait

No. Don’t recommend at all. Mini 5 is much better and in his price range. I have a mini 4, the A8 is practically pre historic at this point, and will struggle to get anything above the lowest settings in my experience

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If you want to pay more than $150 for a Chromebook lol they sell good iPads for cheap on eBay.