iPad turning off mid-flight

So, late afternoon yesterday, I started a flight from Hong Kong to New York. I was expecting to land at around 7AM (my timezone), so I woke up at about 6 ready to begin preparations for descent. When I got to the iPad, I saw for some strange reason it had been turned off. I thought it would be fine since there was flight resume and then I turned it on. Unfortunately, I was shocked to see my ETE to still be 6 hours when I was supposed to land in 1. Just for some background, I slept when there were 9 hours remaining in the flight, so I am positive it wasn’t me who did anything. Any explanations? Thanks

I checked the replay, and apparently my flight stopped at that point where I restarted at, so there was no problem with the resume feature.

This is going to sound stupid - but was your device plugged in?

Yes, all night it was 100%

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Does anyone else live with you - if so could they have switched your iPad off?

I highly doubt it but I’ll make sure to ask. Also, my iPad was still open at the time, so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a person (it happened to me before 😭)

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After doing some “detailed research” I’ve found a few other potential reasons which I will run through:

How much storage do you have left on your device because (apparently) an iPad can simply shut down if it runs out of storage.


Not sure it’s that either

Not the iCloud storage, your device storage.

Go to General > iPad Storage.

(god imagine having devices with only 5GB of built-in storage in 2024 💀)

what happens is the game just crashes (i think). this is most likely due to an overload on the device unless you have an significantly better device than me. this is true as when i’m approach into a busy airport, the game just crashes. or it could just unexpectedly crash from something random. i just accept it and start a new 17 hour flight

but this is probably it

Does your ipad have auto lock turned on? If it’s your first long haul then that could be the reason

Is it turns off as in fully turns off like you see the apple logo when it turns on or turns off like you see the lock screen when you turn it back on?

No I’ve done probably hundreds of longhauls before with no issue

it turns off like when you press the off button

So not a full turning off

What kind/generation of ipad do you have? You can find that through settings, general, about and see the model name entry. Older iPads have less resources and can have IF crash more often, and then auto lock kicks in

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