iPad To Run Smoother

Hello everyone! I have the iPad 8 and ever since 21.1 was released it seems a little laggy while flying. I always fly on high settings and it has been fine. I saw that someone cleared their ram and they said it helped a lot but I want to know if it will mess up my iPad, and if it is safe, then how to do it?

This should be in #support, but i’ve seen a few other people experience this issue and no solution has yet to be found.

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The solution is that on some devices, users will need to lower their graphics. It should not be needed on the top tiers though.

The iPad 8 is a very capable device, but not in the top tier. So with some of the additional workload that came with clouds & buildings, some minor tweaks graphics settings may be required.


And that’s why your the expert my friend :)

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I’ve been having FPS drops when around big airports with 3D buildings like LAX but it’s always capped at 30fps at cruise (iPad 6th gen)

Is it you’re having FPS problems at cruise?

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If so you might wanna reduce the graphics a bit

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I changed my airplane count from very high to medium, my rendering quality from high to medium, and my 3d object density from high to medium. Do you think this will improve my performance? I don’t want to change my rendering resolution from high because then the quality won’t be good.

The airplane count and object density won’t matter if you’re having issues at cruise.

But start with the rendering quality, that’s a start :)

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