iPad to Note 5

Why do I have to buy planes on my iPad and my phone under the same account ?

Odd, shouldn’t have to pay twice for a plane or airport. You should just tap on “Restore Purchases” and whatever you purchase on the iPad will transfer to the iPhone and visa-versa.

Is this under the same IF account or same iTunes Account?

Yes, should be under the same iTunes account (the same account your credit/debit card as attached to).

I’m logged in on iPad through google account so it’s the same log in as for Galaxy, except on iPad I don’t have airplanes I purchased on Galaxy … And I bought like 13 planes. I clicked also on restore purchases and nothing happens. It charges me on iTunes for everything I bought on googleplay

I don’t have a same email on iTunes and Google play but I use same email to log in into game on both devices galaxy and Ipad… Except on iTunes I have to buy all planes I bought on Google play

Its not Ipad to Iphone, its Ipad to samsung note 5

Only works through Apple ID.

The same Email you use is sadly just used for Live…if you using Life + its fine…if you purchased contents with your Apple ID or Google play, then you screwed, cause them not interchangeable with two different devices…sorry mate